DON’T EXPECT MUCH FROM LOW QUALITY AUTOGATE SYSTEM! There is no spare part available and you will need to replace the whole auto gate system.

Not all auto gate systems can be repaired. Some manufacturers don’t sell autogate parts to installers. Because they don’t plan to provide after sales support! They will tell you to buy a new set after the warranty period is lapsed.

Many customers never think about future, they do not think about after sales service and auto gate spare parts.

The lifespan of a low quality autogate system is around 2 – 4 years. If your autogate system is heavy duty type, it can easily last more than 8 years. Many of our customers have been using FBM autogate system for more than 13 years and it is still working fine.

Before you buy the auto gate system, you need to check the following:

1. Make sure the autogate installer/ autogate company has at least 15 year experience
2. In house technician
3. The auto gate components are high quality and heavy duty
4. Ask them to show the auto gate parts
5. Van with tools