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With crime rates increasing all over the world, the fear of procedures and verifications averts witnesses from making the bold step to reach out to the police. Most cases revolve around places with no human activity. CCTV systems have gained huge popularity over the last few years. They are the inevitable prying eyes, to keep a watch over everything. Security services are trivial without CCTV systems.

CCTV Malaysia is one of the major reasons for a decrease in crime rates throughout the country. The CCTV Cameras can easily track down any kind of misconduct and help maintain law and order. It is the ultimate source of evidence for vandalism, abuse, theft, accidents, and murder.

Through this article, we hope to deliver an unbiased report on CCTV Malaysia review.

CCTV Malaysia guide through CCTV Technology

Out of the various CCTV system technologies in the world, AHD and TVI are among the best.

  • The aesthetics of AHD Cameras are better than those of TVI.
  • The angle of view in TVI is comparatively narrower.
  • Both have similar test results, proving that they both deliver superior quality.
CCTV Malaysia has recorders that are compatible with AHD, TVI, and other analog CCTV systems.

HD-CVI (Composite Video Interface)

Developed by Dahua in 2012, the technology was a revolution in the CCTV Technology. It enabled the high definition analog images to travel over 300 to 500 meters of cable, quickly without any boost. The previous technology HD-SDI could only work upto 100m. With this new technology, all kinds of files, video, and audio along with serial data could be sent in a single line of cable.

As the distance of transmission increases, the quality of image degrades. First, the warped contrast, due to fading, and then a few black lines and shadowing. Therefore it is essential to use a high-quality transmission cable like the RG59 local cables. They are viable for heights up to 250 – 300 ft. Whereas, Cat5e and Cat6e have restricted to 50 to 100 ft.

This technology is rapid and quick without any transmission delay.
It is important to note that the cables need to be placed away from high voltage lines, failing which can lead to distortions or rainbow colors to dominate the image display.

HD-TVI (Transport Video Interface)

Developed by Techpoint, it has similar features to HD-CVI. HikVision is the world’s largest manufacturer of this technology of CCTV systems.

HD-AHD (Analog High Definition)

Developed by a Korean manufacturer, NextChip, it has taken over 99% of the market share. They are widely used throughout the world, and its large availability eases out the problem of finding CCTV Repair Services. Recently, Samsung has adopted this technology, increasing its sustainability over the years.

Among the three, HD-AHD is the most desirable as the spare parts are easily available in all CCTV Malaysia stores.

Why are we the best?

Our CCTV systems are one of the best CCTV brands in Malaysia. We have a whole lot of features, enabling you to secure you and your premises with high-quality, reliable CCTV cameras.


Indoor Dome Camera: The CCTV Malaysia systems are designed to suit your home décor. The innovative yet stylish design helps you place the CCTV system in a fashionable way, thereby securing you from offenders and also keeping your image high among friends, family, and acquaintances.

Remote Viewing through our mobile phone app: You need not install a TV at the site of the premises to be secured. Instead, with the fast-growing technology, you can monitor the security of the place through your phone. You can check on your elderly parents, kids, and pets. Also, you can watch out for any mysterious activity around them. We have different ranges of resolution (about 2 to 3 megapixels and more) of video delivered.

Outdoor IR Camera: Usually CCTV Systems are placed at entrances and in front of the main door of houses to ensure utmost safety. Prone to the weather changes, you might worry about the durability of the product. Our CCTV systems are designed to withstand all kinds of harsh conditions, without affecting the video quality. The CCTV Repair services also ensure the proper working of the cameras.

Record up to 30 days:the storage is usually a negotiable part of any CCTV system. The longer the time of coverage, the more reliable and worthy your CCTV is. Even on vacations or during busy schedules, you need not worry about the recording, as it stores all the 24/7 footage for 30 days.

CCTV Systems for offices: with loads of privacy concern in modern workplaces, we aim to deliver high quality, round the clock services to keep everything under cover. The CCTV cameras are one the most important part of office security panels.

What if you already have a TRADITIONAL ANALOG CCTV system?

Our AHD CCTV System Malaysia allows you to upgrade your Analog CCTV System to high definition CCTV systems, with the existent cables. Also, you can use the Cat5e network cable with Video Balun, which is quite affordable. If in the case instead of RG59 Coaxial cable you have used Cat5e, you can use a Video Balun Adapter.

The simplicity of working: The loads of features that we offer could lead you to assume the complexity of design and use. Well, you are partly right and partly wrong. Our design is complex to ensure all kinds of security features like total coverage, storage, looks, etc.- all put in a compact product, yet the simplicity in usage makes it user-friendly and more reliable.

Why other companies compete with us regarding CCTV Malaysia price?
Being in the same industry, our working ethics differ and hence the product on the whole.

How other companies can do it at a very low price?

Our competitors are known to use second-hand equipment, which has extremely low durability. Their customer support insists on whether aspects like lightning and improper care as the reasons for the failure of their products. Also, it takes ages to claim for repair and replacement from them. They are known to use very low-quality cable and don’t usually put the power supply in a PVC box, which raises safety concerns.

Why choose us?

Quality is the main motto

Our consumer ethics makes us offer and deliver only good quality products. The marketing team is keen on delivering to the demand, with quality as the priority. We are reputed for using high-grade components that make up the entire system. The foolproof methods have resulted in high level of trust and coordination from our customers.

With worldwide remote access, our systems prove to be innovatively secure and highly reliable anywhere and anytime.

Fast Support

Our friendly customer support team yearns to serve the best to the clients, at the earliest. We resolve problems and provide timely repairs. We have spare parts in the showroom and van as well.

Variety to choose from

We have a whole range of CCTV Malaysia Systems that give you the option to choose the one you desire the most. Also, the latest technology and customized CCTV systems are available for those in need of more control over security reasons.

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